Why are the prices of McKenney equipment generally much lower than their competitors?

McKenney has chosen to offer their customers high quality products at affordable prices by cutting out many of the marketing costs that our competitors incur. For example, we do not use or pay pro athletes or pro league licensing fees to showcase our products, as this greatly increases the price for you, the consumer. If pricing of similar products seems close to McKenney pricing, it is usually because our competitor's product is made in "China". B aware the difference between "Made in Canada" and "Designed in Canada". "Designed in Canada" does not mean that is is made in Canada.

Which "Pro" goalies use McKenney equipment?

As mentioned above, we do not use "Pro" athletes to endorse our products as we believe that the cost of this form of advertising adds too much to the cost of product for you, our consumer.

Does McKenney sell directly from the factory, and what are the prices of McKenney goal equipment?

McKenney does not sell directly to the public, therefore you should check with one of our retailers for accurate pricing of McKenney products. Find the dealer closest to you by checking our list of authorized dealers.

How do I get a McKenney sports catalog?

We have decided to be environmentally friendly by not printing a catalog and have added all product information that would normally be included in the catalog to our website.

Does McKenney sponsor players, teams or leagues?

McKenney does not sponsor players, teams or leagues as we could not sponsor everyone, and it would be impossible to choose whom to sponsor and whom not to sponsor. Sponsorships would also have a negative impact on product pricing, and it is our philosophy to keep products as affordable as possible for our customers.

Can I custom order Mckenney equipment in any color I want?

Yes, you can order McKenney goal pads, blockers and catchers in almost any conceivable color combination and there is no extra charge! Use our custom color workshop to design your own custom gear!

How do I know what size of McKenney product to order?

McKenney feels that it is very important for a customer to be properly fitted by an authorized dealer to ensure proper fit and product selection. However, not everyone is able to find an authorized dealer in their area and will purchase McKenney porducts online. Therefore we have outlined measuring information in our size charts for the best product selection and fitment.

What is the warranty of McKenney Equipment?

All McKenney products come with a 1 year limited warranty, This warranty includes all repairs required as a direct result of manufacturers defect. This does not cover repairs required as a result of general wear and tear, or extensive use. Any products in need of repair under warranty should be returned to the retailer from whom the product was purchased. McKenney Custom Sports proudly stands behind the products we manufacture, and firmly believe in satisfying our customers with quality products and service.

How should I clean and maintain my McKenney equipment?

Proper care and maintenance of your new McKenney equipment will help to not only ensure a long life but also a good re-sale value. You should always allow your equipment to thoroughly dry out between uses. Equipment should be hung up and allowed to dry out at air temperature. Do not use heat to dry equipment as this could lead to premature wear and damage. Goal panta and chest & arm protectors can be gently surface washed by hand with cold water using a mild detergent (do not submerge the item in water as it will not be able to completely dry inside the padding). We do not recomment putting any McKenney equipment in a washing machine, as water saturation and agitation cycles can damage the water-resistant coatings on the nylon fabrics.

Goal pads, blockers and catchers should only be cleaned with a damp warm cloth, wiping all exterior surfaces. Goal pads and gloves should be allowed to completely air dry between uses. Areas like the bottom of goal pads are subject to extensive abrasion and moisture wet materials are much softer and will wear out much faster if not allowed to dry between uses. You can also treat your gloves with an anti-bacterial spray to help eliminate both smells and bacterial growth.