Key Aspects

The “Pro-Spec” goal pad features a progressive hybrid style design for maximum blocking area and 3 soft flex knee rolls for increased pad flex and knee protection. The lightweight design features top quality materials and full foam construction for superior durability and performance. Full leg and knee cradles with knee and calf stabilizer pad provide for optimum comfort and pad control. A taller plus 1” size squared top thigh rise gives extra thigh length to optimize 5-hole coverage while the segmented top outside roll increases pad flex for the butterfly style of play. A new inner calf stabilizer pad provides for better leg support off the ice, increased balance on the inside pad edge, and helps to reduce stress on knees and hip areas.

  • Pro-Spec construction with full 11” width for maximum blocking area.
  • Plus 1” sizing includes a taller thigh rise with size roll break for added pad flex.
  • Adjustable leg and knee cradles with elastic strap and Velcro closure.
  • Full wrap knee and calf guards with calf wedge for added pad stability.
  • Hand trimmed top wear edging and reinforced bottom wear edging.
  • Internal flex points at boot, knee and thigh.
  • “Skate Lock” bottom leg strap allow for better post hugging.
  • Thigh wraps with lace adjustment for added knee protection.
  • Large pro style square side rolls to prevent puck skip-over.
  • Leather lower leg straps with adjustable position nylon top straps. 
  • Large toe bridge allows for “center” or “off-set” toe lacing positions.
  • Pro Spec "PS4" stripe standard / "PS3" stripe, "PS2" stripe and Vintage graphic options available.
  • Available in sizes 32+1” to 37+1” with +2” or +3” custom sizing options available.