Key Aspects

The GP 895 Extreme Pro butterfly goal pad features an aggressive flat faced design for maximum lower net coverage and increased rebound control.

The Extreme Pro goal pad features a narrower side profile design which provides for lighter weight and less bulk.

The pre-curved shape in the top section of the pad keeps the goal pad from drifting away from the knee and helps to close the thigh area while in the butterfly position reducing five-hole gaps.

The goal pad has a square inside pad edge, which allows the pad to sit flat, vertically up from the ice while in the butterfly position.

A full length leg cradle with adjustable knee and calf stabilizer pads creates a level plane between knee and ankle to help eliminate strain and improve pad to ice seal.

  • 11” pro width with an angled toe and tapered inside boot design for improved butterfly movement.
  • Flat faced design for maximum blocking area and rebound control.
  • Large triangular side rolls feature ultra high density foam to prevent puck skip-over and provides for a more rigid outer edge of the goal pad.
  • Square inside pad edge provides for butterfly landing stability and improved “along the ice” coverage.
  • Internal calf flaps allow for the maximum pad turn while dropping into the butterfly and allow for the goal pad to be worn very loose without losing stability while keeping the pad centered on the leg.
  • Adjustable knee cradle with pro-specifications double knee stabilizer pads to lift and support the knee while in the butterfly position.
  • Full wrap knee and calf guards with new calf wedge for added pad stability.
  • Thigh wraps with lace adjustment for added knee protection.
  • “Extreme Pro” stripe standard / other graphic options available.
  • Off-set toe bridge allows toe position to be toward inside edge of goal pads.
  • Available in sizes 32+1” to 37+1” with +2” or +3” custom sizing options available